taxpayer subsidies

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Alberta should not enable corporate welfare

The Kenney government wants to grant municipalities the ability to offer tax incentives to specific industries.

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It’s not clear that the usual way of doing journalism these days contributes much to good government.

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Canadian taxpayers should expect increases—not decreases—to their fiscal burden.

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The Ontario government will give $4.9 million to support small cideries and distilleries in the province.

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For those who might have missed what’s happening in the city where Wayne Gretzky first made his mark in professional hockey, another round of taxpayer subsidies might soon be delivered to for-profit professional hockey in Edmonton.

The background: In 2011, Edmonton Oilers’ owner Daryl Katz convinced city council to deliver up taxpayer cash for a new $450 million arena.

More recently, Katz demanded more tax dollars and then visited Seattle to drop hints that he may move the Oilers to that west coast city if Edmonton City Council doesn’t agree to his latest “request.”