corporate taxes

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Notley government’s corporate tax hike

Corporate tax hike will reduce earnings for typical two-earner household in Alberta by about $830 per year.

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Corporate tax cuts benefit all Canadians
Lower corporate taxes bestow important benefits on individual Canadians.

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Canada's new top federal tax rate of 33 per cent is being layered on top of several tax increases by the provinces.

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When the new federal top tax rate takes effect, Alberta will have one of the highest top rates in North America.

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Every one per cent increase in the corporate income tax could translate into a loss of several hundred dollars per year for the average Canadian worker.

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There are many parallels between Alberta’s first NDP premier, Rachel Notley, and Ontario’s only NDP premier, Bob Rae.

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Until recently, there was a consensus in favour of competitive business taxes. But whenever governments are strapped for cash - which is most of the time for most of them, given their voracious appetite for spending - eyes quickly turn to corporate income taxes as an expedient and presumed painless way to extract more revenue. Two provinces raised corporate tax rates in 2013.