alberta tax reform

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Alberta government should finally restore province’s tax advantage

The province last year had the 10th-highest top combined income tax rate among 61 North American jurisdictions.

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Smith needs constitutional change to protect Albertans from future tax hikes

Future governments can easily and unilaterally change any law passed by the legislature.

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Kenney government could restore Alberta’s tax advantage without big budget hit

In 2015, the government replaced the single-rate personal income tax with five tiers that include a top rate of 15 per cent.

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Kenney government should proceed with corporate tax reductions

The province's corporate income tax rate would drop from 12 per cent to 8 per cent.

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How to restore Alberta’s tax advantage

The province has one of the highest top personal income tax rates in North America.

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Government must cut personal and business taxes to restore Alberta economy

Alberta now has the 10th highest top personal income tax rate in Canada or the U.S.