alberta taxes

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Empty office buildings in Calgary reflect poor policy choices in Edmonton

Prior to the Notley government tax changes, Alberta’s corporate tax rate was the lowest in Canada.

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Time to rollback NDP’s onerous energy regulations

The Notley government raised corporate income taxes by about 20 per cent.

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If investors can fetch a higher after-tax return by investing in Ontario over Alberta, there’s a good chance they will.

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To reestablish Alberta’s tax competitiveness, Notley government should reverse tax hikes

Both Saskatchewan and British Columbia now have lower corporate tax rates than Alberta.

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An escalator that adjusts for inflation is merely maintaining the real purchasing power involved in the charge.

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Measuring Alberta’s contribution to federal finances

Economic recovery in Alberta is crucial not just for Albertans, but for Canada’s public finances.

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What would Canada’s finances look like without Alberta?

Over 10 years, approximately 270,000 more people moved to Alberta from the rest of the country than moved from Alberta to somewhere else in Canada.

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Census results prove that Canada needs a strong Alberta economy
Alberta tax policies have moved in the wrong direction, reducing the incentive to invest and create jobs.

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In 2015, the Notley government scrapped the single-rate personal income tax.