CPP reforms need a complete rethink

For retirees born after 1993, the CPP rate of return will be a meagre 2.5 per cent.

Higher taxes on the middle class—another broken election promise from the Trudeau Liberals

Since forming government, the Liberals have announced several tax hikes and more may be on the way.

Calls for More Policy Reversals

Reversing course and raising the age of eligibility for retirement benefits to 67 from 65 would be politically costly, but it makes eminent sense when one considers the aging of our population.

Expanding the CPP—unnecessary and counterproductive

The evidence does not support claims of a widespread retirement savings problem in Canada.

Don't overlook how government policies hinder economic growth

The Liberal government remains committed to a misguided fiscal policy approach that spends borrowed money in the hopes of increasing prosperity.

Return on CPP contributions still meagre after expansion

The rate of return Canadians—especially younger workers—will receive on their CPP contributions is meagre and will remain so even after expansion.
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