housing demand

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Homeownership critical to solving Indigenous housing crisis

Homeowners generally have a stronger incentive to maintain their residence than renters.

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Canadian cities are getting denser—but mostly in handful of neighbourhoods

From 2016 to 2021, more than one-quarter of city neighbourhoods lost more housing units than they added.

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Rent control wrong answer for Calgary’s rental woes

The profit motive is precisely what leads people to build the housing in the first place.

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Overdue plans for housing require action in 2023

Toronto plans to overhaul zoning and housing approvals by early this year.

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‘Inclusionary zoning’ will reinforce Toronto’s exclusionary zoning policies

Residents in unsubsidized units will pay more so residents in subsidized units pay less.

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Supply constraints drive home prices in Canada

In April, the average price for a home in Canada hit $723,500.

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Post-COVID housing squeeze will hurt lower-income residents

In the Greater Toronto Area, the detached housing market is hot while the market for apartments and condos is not.