living standards

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Historic decline in Canadian living standards continues into 2024

Canada's per-person GDP—a broad measure of living standards—fell 0.2 per cent during the first quarter of 2024.

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Economic progress stalling for Canada and other G7 countries

Productivity in Ireland has grown at a rapid annual pace of 5.9 per cent, more than six times faster than the G7.

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Federal government helped spark Canada’s economic growth crisis

Over the last nine years, Canadian living standards have not increased.

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Prosperity waning due to Ottawa’s misguided population growth policy

Per-person GDP fell by at least two per cent last year and is set for a repeat performance in 2024.

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Canada’s uncompetitive business tax rates threaten living standards

High business tax rates reduce innovation and can also reduce worker wages.

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Federal government’s new regulations will increase living costs for low-income families

In 2030, the new regulations, combined with the carbon tax, will increase the cost of gasoline by up to 54 cents.