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Unelected premier driving B.C. government finances into the ground

This year the province will spend a projected $4.1 billion on debt interest costs.

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Another big spending budget would drown B.C. government in red ink

In 2022/23, the latest year of complete data, inflation-adjusted spending reached a record high of $14,275 per person.

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B.C. government’s land use plan would severely damage province’s investment climate

The province would essentially become un-investable in many industries that do business on Crown lands or water.

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B.C. government shouldn’t boast about child-care disaster

More than 58 per cent of families in the province reported difficulty finding child care in 2023 compared to 46.5 per cent in 2019.

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B.C. plans to 'reconcile' by giving First Nations veto on land use

First Nations would have veto power over mining, hydro projects, communication towers and much more.

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B.C. government’s attempt to reduce cash-for-density deals may fall short

These fees reach tens of thousands of dollars per home in the housing-starved Lower Mainland.

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Cost of government debt rising for British Columbians

By 2025/26, the province will spend an estimated $4.1 billion on debt interest—an increase of 53 per cent over three years.

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Explosive government-sector job growth in B.C. dwarfs growth in private sector

From February 2020 to June 2023, total employment in B.C. increased by 111,500 jobs—including 104,400 in the government sector.