William Watson: Subsidies to play golf? You might think that’s a joke. You’d be wrong.

The U.S. golf industry marked National Golf Day on May 18 by holding more than 100 meetings with U.S. senators and representatives to promote tax deductibles for the game of golf.

Should Canadians directly subsidize high-speed Internet service in rural and remote areas?

In remote areas in Canada, the cost of providing Internet service that meets the CTRC’s basic service objectives exceeds the price customers pay.

Private schools are not subsidized

“The construction of narratives,” wrote the late Neil Postman, “is a major business of our species.” The New York cultural critic, writing in a 2000 book, mused about how difficult it was to move people from myths to facts. Skip ahead to the 21st century, and a myth that needs an empirical reality check: Taxpayers subsidize private schools.

Bombardier and Canada's corporate welfare trap

In the land of government plenty—that vast landscape populated with the tax dollars of Canadians—there is no shortage of politicians willing to hand out and defend subsidies to business and no dearth of corporations willing to take the cash.

Islanders Should Take Less and Contribute More

Souris Mayor Dave MacDonald recently told the Premier's Council on EI that recent changes to the federal EI program are killing his town.

Unfortunately, Mr. MacDonald did not note that Islanders receive three times as much as they contribute to the EI program. This was a subsidy in 2010 of about $150 million from citizens living elsewhere to people living on PEI.

It is Crunch Time for Atlantic Canada

Over fifty years, observers have become inured to troubling reports of Atlantic Canada's economic difficulties.

Even the most jaundiced observer would recognize, however, that data for the last two years describes something different. The regional economy is not experiencing continued slow decline: it is starting to implode.

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