bc budget

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B.C. Budget 2019—a missed opportunity

Over the next three years, net debt is expected to grow almost 25 per cent.

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B.C. government sending all the wrong signals to investors

B.C.’s overall tax rate on new investment is 27.7 per cent—the highest rate in Canada.

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Premier John Horgan’s NDP government campaigned on balanced budgets.

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When tabling its budget, the B.C. government should learn from past success

Overall, the NDP added $4.4 billion in new spending over three years.

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B.C. provincial finances precarious after just a few months of NDP governance

The Horgan government has effectively increased spending by an additional $4.5 billion in the first few months of its term.

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NDP may break campaign promise with big spending budget

Government program spending will reach $49.2 billion, 6.6 per cent higher than last year.

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B.C. budget abandons any hope for efficient carbon tax

Subsidizing wind, solar or other alternative energies distorts the energy market.