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government subsidized daycare

The Quebec government spent $2.3 billion last year, or $9,772 per child, on its daycare program.

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B.C. provincial finances precarious after just a few months of NDP governance

The Horgan government has effectively increased spending by an additional $4.5 billion in the first few months of its term.

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NDP may break campaign promise with big spending budget

Government program spending will reach $49.2 billion, 6.6 per cent higher than last year.

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B.C. at fiscal crossroads—next week’s budget update will reveal path new government takes

Rhetoric from the campaign trail stressed increased spending and higher taxes.

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The NDP-Green tax changes, if fully implemented, will increase the tax burden for the average British Columbian family by $594.

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Too often in politics, particularly during election campaigns, citizens conflate political brands with policy. That is, too often we make assumptions about the policies of political parties based on a perception rather than the reality of experience. Many assume, for example, that Conservatives care deeply about and pursue policies based on tradition, balancing budgets, and competitiveness while the NDP focus more on the poor and disadvantaged, strengthening unions, and restricting trade. The reality, however, is that policies are never that tightly woven with specific parties.