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‘Patriotic Millionaires’ ignore basic tax facts

The top 20 per cent of income-earning families in Canada pay nearly two-thirds of all income taxes.

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U.S. drifting toward European-style economic anemia

According to independent experts, the actual cost of the president’s policies is closer to $4.9 trillion.

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Wealth tax wouldn’t work the way Ottawa wants

According to the PBO, governments could raise up to $61 billion with a wealth tax on Canadians worth more than $10 million.


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Understanding the differences between government and markets—Public Choice in action, Part 1

Prices are almost completely nonexistent for government-provided goods and services.

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Trudeau government plan would have undermined Opposition ability to hold government to account

The principle of no taxation without representation is central to the concept of democracy.

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Memo to Prime Minister Trudeau—you increased the tax burden on Canadian families

Of the total amount of taxes paid, most (53.2 per cent) will go to the federal government.