equalization payments

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Closing the income gap with the rest of Canada will require Quebec’s government to work to attract more investment.

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Getting off equalization—a great goal for Quebec, but it’ll take a while

Quebec has received equalization every year since the program’s inception in 1957.

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The two biggest automatic stabilizers from Ottawa are income taxes and employment insurance payments.

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Equalization is not to blame—Alberta is

Successive governments have increased spending faster than the rate of economic growth or inflation-plus-population.

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Wynne government continues to rely on cash from Ottawa

The federal government will send $21.1 billion to Ontario this year.

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Ontario must prepare for slowdown in growth of federal transfers
Since the recession, Queen’s Park has failed to take meaningful action to reform and reduce program spending.

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Ontario and Quebec now receive approximately 70 per cent of all equalization payments.

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The Ontario government has never made a secret of its desire to have the federal government help fund Ontario’s provincial budget. It even started its own think-tank with $5 million in 2009, which regularly publishes reports that call on the federal government to rescue Ontario’s provincial finances.