canadian equalization program

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Equalization—separating fact from fiction

Alberta ran a $3.1 billion deficit in 2012/13—when oil prices were over US$80 per barrel.

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Notley's late (and little) holiday gift for Alberta

Quebec slammed the door on the resurrection of the Energy East pipeline.

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For as long as equalization has existed (since 1957), Quebec has always received the largest payment.

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Quebec has one of the highest top personal income tax rates of any province or U.S. state.

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Removing resource revenue from equalization would do nothing for Alberta

Jason Kenney, leadership candidate for Alberta’s United Conservative Party, called for reform to Canada’s equalization program.

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While the overall federal transfer “pie” has grown significantly over the past decade, Ontario’s “slice” has also grown larger.

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Federal transfers to the provinces are higher today than ever before, with a projected cost of $1,897 per Canadian this fiscal year.