income taxes

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Budget advice—Bill Morneau, channel James Robb

"Work and thrift are the only sure roads to success."

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Year-end facts Canadians need to know

In reality, 81 per cent of middle-class families now pay higher income taxes.

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High marginal tax rates discourage productive economic activities such as work, savings, investment and entrepreneurship.

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The increased CPP tax alone translates into $1,624 more in taxes.

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Rising cost of doing business in Ontario chasing away business investment

Since 2003, manufacturing sales in Ontario have remained essentially unchanged yet increased by 20 per cent in B.C.

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In a recent study, we tracked the total tax bill of the average Canadian family from 1961 to 2015.

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The recent elections in Alberta and federally in Canada have elected governments that appear dedicated to increasing government’s interference in the economy.