national energy board

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Trans Mountain pipeline

The Trudeau government wants another review of the now-nationalized $4.5 billion project.

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Bill C-69 would overhaul the assessment process of major energy projects and add new criteria including “gender implications."

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Another blow to pipeline projects in Canada

The National Energy Board will assess the Energy East and Eastern Mainline pipeline projects.

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Report recommendations would politicize decision-making of energy projects

Non-market considerations will play a larger role in determining what the private energy sector can do.

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The regulatory approval process for Pacific NorthWest LNG has taken more than 750 days and counting.

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Activists in British Columbia have responded to the National Energy Board's approval of the Northern Gateway oil pipeline with threats of illegal activism reminiscent of the 1990s. Greenpeace spokesman Mike Hudema, for example, said his group will "do what it takes" to ensure the pipeline is never built (and he specifically mentioned civil disobedience).