oil pipeline

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Latest Trans Mountain greenlight unlikely to end pipeline paralysis

The project would create an estimated 15,000 new jobs in Alberta and B.C.

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Notley's late (and little) holiday gift for Alberta

Quebec slammed the door on the resurrection of the Energy East pipeline.

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As capital exits Canada, Ottawa continues to push unattractive policies

Washington eased federal vehicle emissions standards and repealed a regulation on hydraulic fracturing.

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Reconsider Energy East and get Canada off Saudi oil

The Trudeau government took an already onerous and arbitrary environmental assessment process and made it worse.

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The largest growth of energy demand is projected to be in China, Southeast Asia and India.

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Enbridge pipeline approval good news—but Canadian oil remains largely confined to U.S. market

Canadian heavy oil producers will lose an estimated $15.8 billion this year in foregone revenues.

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Prime Minister Trudeau needs better advice—fast

Increased capacity to move oil to tidewater should eliminate the gap between world oil prices and prices in North America.

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Ottawa ignores the data, targets Alberta oil—again

Bill C-48 includes a moratorium of large oil tanker traffic off northern B.C.