alberta energy policy

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Notley's late (and little) holiday gift for Alberta

Quebec slammed the door on the resurrection of the Energy East pipeline.

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Bill C-69—a dagger pointed straight at Alberta

The bill says review committees must account for “any” scientific information and Indigenous knowledge.

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Alberta can help alleviate energy poverty at home and abroad

Atlantic Canada had the highest incidence of energy poverty—20.6 per cent of households.

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Empty office buildings in Calgary reflect poor policy choices in Edmonton

Prior to the Notley government tax changes, Alberta’s corporate tax rate was the lowest in Canada.

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Investors steering clear of Canada’s energy sector in Alberta and beyond

The U.S. advantage over Canada is not surprising in light of recent U.S. tax cuts and deregulation.

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Report recommendations would politicize decision-making of energy projects

Non-market considerations will play a larger role in determining what the private energy sector can do.

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Over the last few years, GHG emissions from the oilsands have comprised less than 0.15 per cent of global emissions.

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New climate tests are unnecessary since the effects of pipelines and LNG terminals on climate change are negligible at worst and positive at best.