ontario education system

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It’s a mistake to cut tuition in Ontario

The Ford government plans to cut tuition fees at colleges and universities by 10 per cent.

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Education reform must be on the table in Ontario

Ontario is one of only three provinces that deliver religious education in the public school system.

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Compared to Ontario, B.C. offers more choice and fairness in education—with better student results

A recent analysis found that Catholic school boards in Ontario are increasingly enrolling non-Catholic students.

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What Ontario can learn from Betsy DeVos

Ontario spent 23.4 per cent more per student in 2014/15 than it did a decade ago.

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Provinces are experiencing a shift away from the traditional public school.

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Ontario parents uncomfortable with ‘social justice’ education may have nowhere else to go
One in eight students in British Columbia attends an independent school compared to one in 20 in Ontario.