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In the Greater Toronto Area, home prices are 50 per cent higher than they were during Ontario’s last election in 2014.

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San Francisco has a comparable land area to Vancouver but accommodates roughly 30 per cent more residents.

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We accord “stakeholders” special respect, when in many cases we should watch our wallets.

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Motorists in Vancouver will see the gasoline tax increase by 1.5 cents per litre.

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A recent Supreme Court decision in the United States will allow workers in the government sector to decide whether they pay union dues or not.

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Supply management was established in the 1970s because Canadian dairy and poultry farmers didn’t want cross-province competition.

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While the Americans build tariff walls, we should form new trade relationships with other countries.

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Has Canada’s last marijuana arrest already taken place

Has Canada already seen its last marijuana arrest, despite the fact that legalization only takes place Oct 17?