alberta health care

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Alberta should seek more autonomy in health care

Albertans faced a median wait time of 28 weeks compared to a national average of 20.9 weeks.

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Other countries deliver high-performing universal health care at similar (or lower costs) than in Canada.

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Since 1998, health-care spending in Alberta has increased by 317 per cent—faster than in any other province.

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The problem of a high-cost low-performance system is not just a provincial one—but a Canadian one.

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Alberta’s taxpayers are tossing dollars into the wind when it comes to health care. While they’re paying for the second-most expensive health care program in Canada (on an age and sex adjusted basis), they’re getting mediocre access to mediocre health care for patients when compared to other provinces.

In comparisons of access to technology, Alberta ranks first for MRI scanners and ninth for CT scanners. Access to physicians in Alberta is about average for family doctors, but well below for specialists.