alberta income tax rate

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Calgary should stop looking for one big thing to fix its economy

If taxes are competitive and firms are incentivized to invest, jobs will be created.

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Alberta can spur entrepreneurship by cutting personal income taxes

An estimated 1,374 new businesses will not startup in the province due to the higher tax rate.

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Alberta’s carbon policies damage province’s competitiveness

Since 2015, the Alberta government has increased corporate income taxes, implemented a carbon tax, and introduced more environmental regulations.

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In 2015, the Notley government scrapped the single-rate personal income tax.

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Yes, Alberta’s tax advantage is gone
Alberta now has the 16th highest top personal income tax rate in North America.

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Sorry, Premier Notley, this was not a good year for Alberta
Higher income taxes create disincentives for hard work and entrepreneurship, two important drivers of growth.

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As oil royalties have fallen, Albertans have endured multiple tax hikes and a S&P downgrade.

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When the new federal top tax rate takes effect, Alberta will have one of the highest top rates in North America.