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— Feb 28, 2018
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Compared to Ontario, B.C. offers more choice and fairness in education—with better student results

A recent analysis found that Catholic school boards in Ontario are increasingly enrolling non-Catholic students.

— Nov 16, 2017
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Most separate schools are Roman Catholic.

— Jul 17, 2017
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More than one of every five students in Alberta and Saskatchewan attend a Roman Catholic separate school.

— Jul 5, 2017
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Provinces are experiencing a shift away from the traditional public school.

— Jun 22, 2017
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Ontario does not provide public funding for students attending independent schools.

— Dec 20, 2016
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Does Constitutional Protection Prevent Education Reform in Ontario?

Does Constitutional Protection Prevent Education Reform in Ontario? finds that Ontario’s Catholic school system can be part of education reform, despite public misperceptions about the nature of its protection in the Constitution. Amending constitutional provisions that only apply to one province require a simple vote in the legislature of the affected province, and recognition by the federal Parliament.