energy infrastructure

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Court ruling good step in right direction—but federal government won’t change course

The federal environment minister said the ruling won’t change the project assessment process.

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Soaring pipeline price tag underscores problems with government-run projects

The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion's cost has increased from $7.4 billion to $21.4 billion.

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Keystone XL—perhaps Canada’s last great pipeline project

Some people still understand petroleum's role in the prosperity of modern societies.

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The oil price differential is largely due to Canada’s lack of transportation capacity and restricted market access.

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Proposed legislation would radically revise the process of environmental assessment for major infrastructure projects including pipelines.

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Forty-three Indigenous groups completed agreements to support the project.

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The Canadian Pacific Railroad is the most famous case of federal involvement in infrastructure projects.

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The recent move by Kinder Morgan on the Trans Mountain pipeline was a massive blow to Canada’s investment attractiveness.

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Last week, Canada’s premiers concluded their most recent meetings with the release of Canada’s Energy Strategy, a document that “charts a path for shaping the sustainable development of Canada’s energy future.”

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The Obama administration has been punting a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline for five years now, and there’s no sign the president’s kicking leg is getting tired.