alberta oil

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Alberta's abandoned wells need tending

More than 150,000 dead or soon-to-be dead wells dot the Alberta landscape.

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Switching to pucks could reduce shipping costs by $15 per barrel.

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The largest growth of energy demand is projected to be in China, Southeast Asia and India.

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Ottawa ignores the data, targets Alberta oil—again

Bill C-48 includes a moratorium of large oil tanker traffic off northern B.C.

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Investor confidence in Alberta oil and gas industry lags behind U.S. states

Since 2015, the Alberta government has increased corporate income taxes and implemented a carbon tax.

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Energy East—Trudeau and Notley make pipeline projects unviable

The $16 billion Energy East and Eastern Mainline pipeline proposal was regulated to death.

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The word “pipeline” does not appear in the Wealth of Nations, but what the Danube is to ordinary shipping, pipelines now are to the delivery of oil and gas.