foreign homebuyers

— Apr 13, 2018
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In Florida, they’re snowbirds—in B.C., they’re ‘speculators’

Heavy-handed policies such as B.C.’s “speculation” tax target symptoms rather than causes.

— Mar 7, 2018
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It takes 21 months (on average) for homebuilders to obtain building permits from Vancouver City Hall.

— Feb 20, 2018
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In today's budget, B.C. NDP Finance Minister Carole James said the government’s housing plan will be “comprehensive."

— Feb 14, 2018
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Metro Vancouver’s housing crunch exists primarily because there aren’t enough new homes getting built.

— Dec 20, 2017
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Historically low interest rates have enabled families to more than double their mortgage borrowing power since 2000.

— Aug 28, 2017
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Ontario housing measures

Rent control could devastate the rental market in Toronto.