trans mountain pipeline

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The Court also mentioned the potential impact of oil tankers on killer whales.

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The largest growth of energy demand is projected to be in China, Southeast Asia and India.

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The unpredictable and shaky trade relationship between Canada and the U.S. further exacerbates the need for new pipelines to tidewater.

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The Canadian Pacific Railroad is the most famous case of federal involvement in infrastructure projects.

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Priming the pump of bad incentives in Canada

B.C. Premier John Horgan says the nationalization of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion doesn’t allay his concerns.

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Trans Mountain pipeline will benefit Canada—but at a very high price

The Trudeau government’s decision is an admission that Canada’s approval process for major infrastructure projects is broken.

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For much of the summer, the federal government will backstop construction costs by Kinder Morgan, a private firm.

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Trudeau government nationalizes Trans Mountain pipeline project—further proof that Canada is closed for business

In a stunning turn in an already unprecedented saga, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced this morning that the federal government will buy the Trans Mountain pipeline project from Kinder Morgan for $4.5-billion, essentially nationalizing the project.