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The Canadian economy at the precipice

Household debt as a share of GDP is at a virtual all-time high.

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When the Australian market was deregulated in 2000, the average price farmers received for raw milk almost doubled.

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Canada's trade hurdle—it’s all about supply management

Canada has less leverage with U.S. negotiators now than before the U.S.-Mexico deal.

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Back then, many countries including Germany, Japan and the United States embraced List’s tariff walls.

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Protectionism on the rise as NAFTA talks stall

Like President Trump, President Obrador believes protecting jobs challenged by international trade is a key responsibility of his position.

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Canada can eliminate supply management by following Australia’s lead

Due to Canada’s policy of supply management, Canadians pay much higher prices for milk, cheese, eggs and poultry.

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Supply management was established in the 1970s because Canadian dairy and poultry farmers didn’t want cross-province competition.