job creation

Census results prove that Canada needs a strong Alberta economy

Alberta tax policies have moved in the wrong direction, reducing the incentive to invest and create jobs.

Ontario's economy remains weak compared to past performance

Annual average job-creation for 2014 to 2016 is below the rate seen during the immediate post-recession recovery period.

Job numbers prove economy never sleeps

When you’re in a recession, one of the key signs is that employment is either stagnant or falling.

Leader’s economic debate: missing the forest for the trees

While all three party leaders tried to assure us that they are best able to guide us through an uncertain economic world, all missed the fundamental point that Canada is a small open economy.

How have Alberta’s young adults fared?

When any new government takes power, temptations abound to do something different, merely to distinguish itself from the regime it replaced.

Cheer up, western prosperity will return

As everyone from the Manitoba-Ontario border to Tofino knows, the local and provincial economies, which depend on resource extraction, have slowed.
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