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Labour participation and job creation rates tell untold tale of Canadian economy

Canada’s employment rate has steadily declined since December 2017—from 62.0 per cent to 61.5 per cent.

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What to make of Ontario’s January job losses

Closely linking January’s job losses to the Wynne government’s minimum wage hikes without recognizing other causes creates a dangerous precedent.

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Brown mirrors Wynne on the minimum wage

The Brown-led PCs would move to a $15 minimum wage over a four-year period.

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Other regions created new jobs on net, but those were almost entirely offset by other regions shedding jobs.

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Job-creation in London, Greater Sudbury and Thunder Bay was negative.

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The Atlantic provinces comprise four of the five lowest ranked Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions.

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Census results prove that Canada needs a strong Alberta economy
Alberta tax policies have moved in the wrong direction, reducing the incentive to invest and create jobs.