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Liberal/NDP pact promises ever higher federal spending

The NDP election platform called for per-person spending to reach $11,446 in 2022/23.

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Trudeau government gets unlimited spending authority for six months

The COVID-19 bill effectively eliminates the need for all parties to work together to pass spending legislation for the next six months.

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Trudeau government plan would have undermined Opposition ability to hold government to account

The principle of no taxation without representation is central to the concept of democracy.

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Talks of a Trudeau mandate ignore reality and history

Sir John A. Macdonald’s Tories in 1867 are the only other party to form government after receiving less than 35 per cent of the popular vote.

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This week’s 2016 Economic Statement cut average growth to 1.7 per cent over the next five years.

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Starting in 1995, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Finance Minister Paul Martin reduced program spending, balanced the budget and cut taxes.