oil prices

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The oil price differential is largely due to Canada’s lack of transportation capacity and restricted market access.

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Enbridge pipeline approval good news—but Canadian oil remains largely confined to U.S. market

Canadian heavy oil producers will lose an estimated $15.8 billion this year in foregone revenues.

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The Notley government increased spending by nearly 13 per cent over is first two full fiscal years in office.

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When oil prices were high, successive governments spent freely as though the good times would never end.

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Pipeline aren’t just an Alberta issue—they are crucial to national prosperity

Due to pipeline constraints, Canadian oil producers are selling unrefined bitumen at a fraction of the price many competitors receive.

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Alberta's overall net financial assets deteriorated by $9.2 billion last year.

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Trying to stimulate other sectors of the economy so their increased output will balance off the loss in energy will simply build in future problems of maladjustment in these industries.

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If the first step towards remedying a problem is admitting that you have one, Alberta is a long way away from fixing its budget woes.

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Alberta’s budget, to be unveiled on Oct. 27, will contain the province’s seventh deficit in the last eight years, most recently projected at $5.9 billion.