tax credits

Federal tax changes, looming CPP tax hike mean higher taxes for virtually all Canadian families

Nine-in-10 Canadian families with children will pay, on average, $2,218 more per year.

Canada’s tax code is too complicated—even for CRA officials

In 1917, the Income Tax Act contained 3,999 words—by 2016, it ballooned to 1,029,042 words.

Trudeau government has raised income taxes on majority of middle-class Canadian families

The government eliminated the children’s fitness tax credit, the education tax credit and more.

Ottawa can simplify the tax system and promote economic growth at the same time

The cost of complying with Canada’s personal income tax system is roughly $501 per household each year.

Realities of carbon pricing in Canada and beyond

The introduction of a carbon price must replace, not be in addition to, existing regulations.

B.C.’s budget—an opportunity to make the carbon tax revenue neutral again

A carbon tax means B.C. residents pay more to heat their homes, fuel their cars, etc.