tax credits

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Trudeau government handouts will stifle much-needed innovation in Canada’s media industry

The Trudeau government will give nearly $600 million worth of new tax credits and incentives to Canada’s media industry.

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Canada’s tax code is too complicated—even for CRA officials

In 1917, the Income Tax Act contained 3,999 words—by 2016, it ballooned to 1,029,042 words.

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The Trudeau government eliminated a number of tax credits, thereby increasing income taxes for some Canadians.

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Ottawa can simplify the tax system

The cost of complying with Canada’s personal income tax system is roughly $501 per household each year.

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Realities of carbon pricing in Canada and beyond
The introduction of a carbon price must replace, not be in addition to, existing regulations.

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B.C.’s budget - an opportunity to make the carbon tax revenue neutral again
A carbon tax means B.C. residents pay more to heat their homes, fuel their cars, etc.