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Understanding the significance of the Kinder Morgan decision to suspend the Trans Mountain pipeline

The decision by Kinder Morgan to suspend all non-essential spending on its Trans Mountain pipeline despite regulatory approval is yet another sign of the significant problems in Canada’s energy sector and indeed our broader economy. Fraser Institute analysts have weighed in on a host of different aspects of this decision and its implications for Canada’s investment and business climate. For more information see the links below.

Sensational headlines about economic growth breed complacency

Canada’s economy has grown at or above 1 per cent in 18 different quarters since 2000.

Morneau wrong about Canada’s economy and competitiveness

Growth expectations from private-sector economists have consistently declined since this government came to power.

To kill economic growth, hike the capital gain tax

The Chrétien Liberals reduced the capital gains inclusion rate to help improve Canada’s competitiveness and attractiveness to investors.
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